My name is chamekke, and I am a tea addict. What’s more, I’m a Japanese tea ceremony* addict. (Yup, it’s serious.)

So what does the banner have to do with tea, you ask? It’s the underside of a kasa – a large red umbrella that is used out-of-doors (in conjunction with a red felt carpet) to create an “instant tearoom” for the practice of the Way of Tea.

In fact, the kasa forms the canopy of the tea universe, its heaven, just as the red felt carpet creates its earth or foundation. When you enter any tearoom anywhere, you are entering a place apart from worldly concerns – a kind of pure land, free from strife. The tearoom is a place where you can relax and simply be.

I hope you’ll enjoy the instant tearoom that has been created here on WordPress. Welcome to Tea Mind!

*The term “Japanese tea ceremony” is avoided by a great many practitioners because it is felt to be misleading. They often prefer Chadou, which literally means “The Way of Tea” – a term that better captures its qualities as a life path. Another word you may see is Chanoyu, which means “hot water for tea”. I will use all of these terms interchangeably on this site… just to keep everyone on their toes!


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Margie Yap Says:

    hello chamekke,
    I will enjoy reading your blog about chado. Thank you for putting a link to my blog SweetPersimmon as well.


  2. What a beautiful blog! I’m glad you are here to share your passion.

  3. Wonderful site. Your passion and knowledge shine through.

  4. Donna D'Orio Says:

    I like your site very much. I am learning a lot and appreciate all the photography.

  5. Deidre Says:


    Are you still writing? you have a very lovely blog…

    I have a tea blog and used to have an online tea business-but i am not writing about tea now as much as I write poetry- just contemplating…

  6. kloshemowich Says:

    Hey Chamekke.. great site!.. very clear!.. thanks for letting me know.. ;o)

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