My name is chamekke … and I am a tea addict. What’s more, I am a Japanese tea ceremony addict!

Like most tea addicts, I feel the need to communicate with like-minded individuals and to swap tips, photos, reviews, and enthusiasms whenever possible. Anything to do with Camellia sinensis is fair game, frankly.

Tea Mind is where I’ll share my love of the world of tea (especially Japanese greens) and tea wares. Those are teapots, cups, bowls, and other any implements involved in preparing and serving tea. I consider these just as integral to the tea experience as the delectable green nectar itself.

And of course, I also look forward to chatting happily about Japanese tea ceremony (a.k.a. Chadou, or the Way of Tea) with anyone who will tilt an ear my way.

Come have some tea!

Sencha for one ... a tray with yunomi and kyusu