Three of the icons available from Hybridworks

Want a gorgeous Japanese theme for your desktop?

Hybridworks is offering a free theme called Yoritsuki. It includes two wallpapers and 35 desktop icons – several of which are tea-related. The theme is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. (Yoritsuki, the author tells us, “is the name of a fictional Japanese-style inn.”)

And even if you’re not into tea or things Japanese, I recommend taking a peek because this creation is stunningly gorgeous.

Go to the Hybridworks homepage and select Yoritsuki from the navigation bar at upper right. When the Flash animation finishes loading, click Enter to view the wallpaper. Then click Change the time to switch the wallpaper from daytime to night.

You will now want to say “Wow” in Japanese. The word is Sugoi!

From this view, you can download a Zip file containing the entire theme.

To skip straight to a page describing what you’ll be downloading, go here. But frankly, it’s more fun to discover the theme via the above animation.